How to supply Digital stickers

Simon Tranter
by Simon Tranter 7 years ago

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Supplying Digital Stickers

Take a look at our general guidelines for Supplying Digital artwork.

Digital Stickers are designed as sheets containing a grid of stickers. The area is yours to use, so you may design a different variation in each shape, or make them all identical. Digital Stickers are supplied as A4 sticker sheets, so the quantity of stickers per sheet depends on your chosen style. We print the stickers on SRA3 sheets, and then cut them in half prior to despatch.

The prices and quantities we display are for sheets of stickers. So if you choose a quantity of 20 for 37 mm Circles, then you will be ordering 700 stickers, as 20 × (A4 sheets having 35 stickers each).


Rules specific to Digital Stickers:

Do not remove anything from (nor move anything on) the Finishing layer. Ensure backgrounds bleed at least 1.5 mm outside the shaped cutting edges.

We have provided (invisible!) boxes on the Background layer, which you should use to contain your sticker backgrounds. If you have a uniform background, then it might be easier for you to use the larger box that encloses all shapes (also on the Background layer).

Backgrounds that end exactly on the cutting edge: any slight misregistration will cause a white edge to be visible.

If essential items are too close to the edge: misregistration will cause these items to appear misaligned, or even crop them.

Make sure any text is clear of the Quiet Zone and backgrounds are adequately bled.