Terms & Conditions


 • We suggest that you give this proof your full attention. Every effort has been made to create the proof accurately, however there is the possibility of misinterpretation or typesetting errors. If the proof is approved by you, it relieves us of responsibility for any error not corrected. 


 • When reviewing the proof, you will be able to see the exact colors, paper type, size and any typos of your order. Once you sign your proof, you can then pay and we will let you know the turnaround time. 


 • When reviewing the proof, please keep in mind that it DOES NOT represent the paper, exact ink color, or quality of printing. Rather it shows type styles and arrangement of copy. Please check proof thoroughly and email corrections back. After reviewing this proof and there are no edits, please reply to this email promptly by stating “Approve” and we will let you know when its officially ready for pick up!

• When reviewing the proof, your image WILL NOT be printed onto the shirt but it will be printed onto a piece of paper to show you the actual size. We will place the image on top of the shirt to show you placement.
• This will not show you exact colors since we use a different machine to print onto the shirts. However if you really want to see a proof printed onto the shirt itself, you will have to pay for that proof as well with your actual order. 

 • If you have any changes please state so while you are here so that we can make the changes for you. Once you see the updated proof and have no edits, you will then pay and we will confirm the turnaround time for you.

 • You are able to decline your proofs EXCEPT for BUSINESS CARDS, POST CARDS & T-SHIRTS OR ANY LARGE ORDERS.

 • If you choose not to come in and sign off on your proofs, there will be no refunds or reprints if it does not come out as you are expecting or if there are any typos or errors that did not get caught. It is the customer's responsibility to proofread and catch and correct any typos or incorrect text or images.

 • If you wish to still decline your proofs, please reply to this email stating “I have read the proof disclaimer and decline to see a proof.” and then give us a call with payment or put the subtotal into our PayPal link on our website so that we can proceed with your order, if you would like to pay that way. Thank you for your order.
• All payments will receive a 3.5% credit/debit card fee to cover our processing cost. This fee goes directly to our 3rd party credit/debit processor. The Copy Center doesn’t receive any portion of it. ALL credit/debit card payments will be processed in USD by the credit/debit processor. There is no fee for checks or ACH payments.
We Appreciate Your Business, and look forward to working with you!